How to recruit volunteers

Joel Preston

Joel Preston

Director at
Joel is the Director of Evangelism & Mission for British Youth for Christ. He had previously been involved in church-based youthwork for over 10 years and before that spent 4 years at a local Youth for Christ centre.

He specialises in delivering leadership and people management training in a ministry context and has taught for various organisations across the country, including SoulNet, Innovista, SWYM and Youthwork the Conference.
Joel Preston

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We can often go to training conferences on leadership and hear famous people talk about how they recruit for their teams. It often seems like they talk about hiring people, …

4 things to help people find their part in building God’s Kingdom

Rachel Noyce

Rachel Noyce is a wife, mother, follower of the way, preacher, Sunday school teacher, school assembly aficionado and wannabe Popmaster champion. She spent a decade working with a leading youth evangelism charity before leaving to pursue her current calling within her family and community.

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‘What is God calling me to?’ ‘For we are God’s handiwork, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do.’ (Ephesians 2:10) As I sit here …

7 signs of deep youth ministry

Ali Etheridge

Ali Etheridge

Youth Pastor at St Paul's, Salisbury
Ali has been involved in youth ministry for 15 years as a youth pastor at Christ Church Woking and now at St Pauls Salisbury.He spent 3 years directing SoulNet for Soul Survivor.He is an Ordained Pioneer Minister, Husband, Father and Panini world cup sticker collector.
Ali Etheridge

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  Often in ministry we can be tempted to think in terms of width. How wide can we spread the message? How many people can we get to attend our …